Desperate Governments Do Desperate Things

It is quite clear that the ship is indeed sinking.

Efforts to stem the outflow of blood have begun to fail and the cracks in the facade are showing. Many in my community have asked, “can you help me prepare” and I have gladly given aid and instruction where I could, as it has always been my intention to give until it hurts and foment fellowship and camaraderie where ever possible.

I hope we make it through the summer. That is a hope carried over from this time last year when I feared the worst, though funny how that works out to extend the worry another 12 months. If we can make it through the summer, we might make it through the fall – though there are many now who do not believe there will be free elections. They seem to believe that the storm clouds have indeed gathered and will drop their deluge in the form of FUD just before the free elections are to play out in November. While this sounds like part of the tinfoil hat crowds “great ineffable plan”, I have never believed that a group so fraught with incestuous stupidity such as the government sector could pull off so complex an agenda. Past history and levels of incompetence undermine this theory.

I ask you dear readers to be guarded, armed and prepared. Should anything untoward happen, the state will never be your guiding light.

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