Zero Barriers

Check this out:

Mike over at Sipsey Street had an excellent analogy that I will be happy to repeat:

Obama in a state of denial? Make that damn near the entire country.

Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon where the diving airplane, defying gravity and inertia, stops just short of the ground because, as Bugs explains, it “ran out of gas”? That ain’t gonna happen here. In the grand scheme of things, as historians will later conclude, Obama’s “State of the Union” speech is nothing more than monstrously sick joke.

The reckoning approaches.

Around here, nothing looks different from what it did during the boom. To me, there are two sides to this:

1. Mass hysteria and mass delusion.

2. Nothings really wrong.

I mean, how in the ever-loving hell can these people not see what is coming just around the next corner? Do they really and truly believe that we will simply pull out of the dive at the last minute and continue on unabated – partying as usual and dictating to the rest of the planet what they will and won’t do?

Something, somewhere has to give. I have been saying this for a long time, but it seems that our day of reckoning approaches faster than ever.


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