Caching Essential Gear

Since transitioning into a different day job a year ago, I fond myself having to travel to the west coast on a regular basis from Atlanta. The TSA being what they are and the security theater being what it is, I long ago decided to cache some essentials with a co-worker.

Here’s the list in case you are interested:

1. Good backpack with a 3 liter hydration bladder, USGI poncho, USGI MSS, USGI poncho liner, hammock

2. Spare water purifier with a small bottle of bleach and one extra filter

3. Match case, firesteel, tinder kit, lots of paracord

4. Ultra-light AR Carbine with light (extra batteries) & sling, cleaning essentials, a few spare, loaded PMags, 500 rounds of match ammo

5. Good carbon steel fixed blade with field strop and stone

6. A good pair of broken in boots, several pairs of good wool socks, and an old pair of Vibram Five Fingers – DO NOT knock these until you try

7. Sealed and packed venison jerky, dried beef, beef jerky, high fat trail mix, and various other staples that last forever and a day when stored

8. SAC (Swiss Army Knife)

9. Compass & GPS (spare batteries)

10. Clothing – various for different seasons

These are merely the first ten essentials to this. YMMV. My goal in doing this is to keep enough gear out west that would facilitate a walk to a better location feasible. Would I be able to walk to Atlanta? Not sure. I doubt it, but having all of this out there helps my peace of mind when I get on that Delta flight out of Hartsfield.

One might venture to say that the AR is a bit much. Sure is, but I had an extra one and my co-worker did not. These things work themselves out. In the event that something happens out his way while I’m not there to take advantage of the gear, he gets a good rifle to use. Who says your tribe has to all be local?

Since I’m out west this week I thought I would share.

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