and this is EXACTLY what i am talking about

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Its ok to hate the cops, we have come to expect it. 27 years wearing a badge has taught me a few things.
People love you when they need you and hate you when they don’t.
You never hear of or see video of cops done a good job, only the bad stuff makes the press.
We all get painted with a broad brush, when the feds screw up it must be the local beat cops fault too.
When your doing your job and looking for bad guys and happen to check out someone that turns out not to be a bad guy, you’re an idiot that should be out looking for bad guys.
Despite the criminal element becoming better armed, more sophisticated, and better equipped, people still want the police to be armed with 1950’s weapons and equipment. And yell and scream that we are militarizing when we try to join the 21st century level of equipment and armament.
So if you don’t like us, don’t call us when your world goes to hell, dialing 911 is optional. That’ll free us up to respond to someone that appreciates the fact that we are willing to be cut, stabbed, shot, on their behalf.

Alright there Sparky, I’ll tell you what. I won’t call you and your pals, ever. I will do as I always have in my life and fend for myself. You guys need us a whole lot more than we need you. Simple as that. I DO believe that the less of you there are, the better off society is. “The myth of the cop” has gotten to be the core of the truism that if you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.

You want to stay around and have my support, fine, I’ll dictate my terms:

  • No more pensions, benefits, or even salary – you want to be of service, be of service…
  • You want nice weapons and gear? Buy it.
  • Training? Buy it.

Us vs. Them has been taken too far.

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