How to Thrive

John Robb is a smart guy.

When you look at what is coming, if you back up enough to see the whole picture, this makes sense.

The socio-political/economic model of the nation state is coming to an end.With the advent of the global marketplace and seamless, global communication, the need for a top down, centralized power structure is no longer necessary. Again, bigger picture.

Will there be another dark age? No telling. Perhaps. It sometimes *seems* as though that is inevitable. If I had the answer, I would sell everything thing I owned and go far away from civilization. That question and it’s lack of a credible answer is what keeps me playing the game and running the rat race. It’s what keeps me in my current delusion that things are somewhat OK and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Passing thoughts on a Tuesday morning.

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