random thoughts

Again, allergies are tough. Long day. Seems to be better – thank you for asking…

Spent the weekend at Bladeshow 2011. I like sharp things. I put away some spare cash this year so that I could grab a couple of toys. These things make me happy and are ultimately useful. Aside from that – perhaps a waste, perhaps not. I enjoy being in a place where I can semi-intelligently discuss the properties of tool steel with complete strangers. YMMV…

An observation with regard to the crowd:

  • All (most) of them were out of shape.
  • All (most) of them had some kind of uber-tacticool-man-purse.
  • Most (all) of them were the ‘Merica Fist Dammit contingent.

There were of course exceptions, there always are. These are your friends and neighbors that you will have to contend with in the eventual event we all try and plan for. Just a passing thought.


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