SOP 101

Again, not a political blog. However, the quote below from Sultan Knish is spot on:


The employment numbers are terrible. Dumping the reserve failed. Getting the media to lie and claim that we’re in recovery failed. Approval numbers are down. So what else is there?

The stunts have dissipated. Counting on Osama or the strategic petroleum reserve to change the game was a dependence on stunts. So what’s ahead? My guess is more stunts.

The Obama Team have figured out that they can’t just steamroll their way forward, so they’re irresponsibly looking for quick fixes instead. That whole mindset sums up everything wrong with them. That alone is why no one of any political affiliation should trust them on the economy.

And the scary thing is they’ve got competition. 2012 doesn’t look like 2008. Romney and Bachmann are serious contenders. And Perry and Palin are waiting in the wings. Which means this is still the GOP’s game to lose.

But as Team Obama gets more desperate, they’re going to throw out more desperate stunts. Except to see an income tax cut floated before the election, if they get really desperate.

I hold to the truth that an animal backed into a corner becomes more dangerous than ever.


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