being aware

Thought I would throw this out there in case any of you have not spent time reading your Cooper.

Situational Awareness – The Color Codes:

  • White – unaware, not paying attention
  • Yellow – attentive, but relaxed
  • Orange – focus is directed, there is an immediate potential threat
  • Red – there is a definitive threat
  • Black – you are actively fighting

Anecdote follows:

20:00, July, North Atlanta Suburb, Local QT.

Stopped for gas in the Matson mobile, two kids in tow – car seats in the back. Late hour for us all, especially them. Spent the day on the lake and at the pool, worn out and ready to get home.

Engine off, kids happily talking in the vehicle, I am outside at the pump going through the payment ritual.

Being that this is one of my more vulnerable times, I am scanning as much as I can while trying to fuel said conveyance.

I notice one of the twenty-something males in the car two pylons over is staring right at me while also looking over at his pal who is performing some kind of flanking maneuver toward my general direction. I see this. He sees me see this. He gestures, pal disengages, and retreats.

No idea what was about to happen. Likely, nothing. Maybe ask to buy them beer or something else. Maybe ask for money. Even in the idyllic burbs, this is not unheard of. Perhaps though he was looking to cause me and my children harm?

I was armed. I usually am. Concealed does indeed mean concealed though. Overtly telegraphing your presence has never made sense to me in a urban/suburban environment.

What can one take away from this anecdote?

Keep your eyes open, and your head up. Know the context of where you are and what the local fauna is capable of – even if it’s the most benign and idyllic environment. Stopping to tank up in a bad part of town will not guarantee getting harmed in any way. In previous lives, I have had to gas up in the most combat effective parts of southwest Atlanta. None escalated into anything more than having to settle up wit the gas pump.

Keep your wits about you if something does look awry.

Thus endeth the lesson.


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