EDC & You

This is an excellent place to discuss this kind of thing. This is a nice blog to see what’s out there. I read this one sparsely because inevitably the gearhead in me finds some new little piece of kit that has to be purchased – right now!

Here’s my fast and loose list:

  • Knife – usually some kind of folder while in the office. One of these on the weekends and evenings. I prefer fixed blades. Sheep do not.
  • Fire – yes, even while at the office, though I must admit, usually not in my pocket for a finance meeting. These are very good. I have also been known to have this as well or in place of.
  • Light – usually a Surefire. And yes, usually in the pocket – even with the suit. Seeing the dark is a neat trick for the other execs around me.
  • Lip Balm
  • Sidearm – sans reload. I’m not big on that, and the weapon choice depends on what I am wearing and where the piece is riding.
  • Keys
  • Wallet – with spare cash in many different denominations.

Adding to this my backpack/satchel/brief with a few techno goodies, my reload, a PSK (example only), and a few other things.

You would be simply amazed at how far you can travel, negotiate, or defend with this small list of gear. If I still have any readers out there, I would welcome your commentary or what your daily kit looks like.


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