Moving Forward

So, “the deal” is done. The can, as always, is once again kicked down the road for someone else to deal with. Any hope of a restorative solution from the flavor of the moment party is null & void.

What do you do?

It is obvious that you are out on the frontier all alone with one rifle, a box of ammo, and the horde is just over the next hill. You can hear them.

What do you do?

Remember, there are opportunities to thrive and not just survive.

Beans, bullets, band-aids, boots – stack it deep. Resilience will not be measured by these things, but not being hungry when you are trying to do something important later one will be a force multiplier. Being able to know (know) that your wife and kids will have something to quiet their hunger while you go about your (new) daily tasks will be invaluable.

Prepare now. Help your neighbors. Build your tribe. Acquire knowledge and skills that will be needed in the future – now. Help those around you be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Keep your wits about you and watch your six. Interesting times indeed.




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