Loot as much as you can, or someone else will…

Sultan Knish. Must. Read. Now.

Viewing this through the proper lens will lead to new and interesting opportunities…

An understated civil war is already raging in Europe, between Muslim and African immigrants and the society they have penetrated. The conflict has made a mockery of the social controls of Europe. Put surveillance cameras on every street, and we’ll don masks and turn out in numbers. Run your DNA banks and see how much luck you have when entire streets are burning. Outlaw knives and we’ll bring our Molotov cocktails.

The United States managed to offer enough economic growth in the last two decades that riots were mostly limited to angry white college students protesting for some radical cause. But the economic engine is off and the flash mob is here. Black unemployment is at an all time high and teenagers with thousands of dollars, but without the steadying effect of full time employment are getting their kicks.

Apply the above to your local AO and the CW2 Cube. How do you adapt? How do you use the new environmental variables to help you thrive?

Once the balloon goes up in whatever fashion it does, the above will be a guide to the article mentioned in the beginning of the post. How to adapt and thrive?

The bigger the institutions get, the more they are cut off from the street, and the more fragmented the society becomes. Nations become giants unable to see or fend off the gnomes hammering at their feet. And their corrective solutions inevitably lean toward more social gigantism. Violence rewarded often enough becomes a habitual tool of politics until the looter matters more than the ballot box. When the authorities show that they will reward violence with social benefits, the welfare state will grow fangs.

One can wax poetic and patriotic all day long, but the previous quote sheds a lot of light on what is happening in our current transitional time. Systematic isolation of this demographic has created an entire generation (some would argue several at this point) that believes to the core of their being that the fruits of Western Civilization were won on the backs of the poor and through nothing else. Entitlement and the Free Shit Army.

The proliferation of technology enables this. Making it seamless and easy to communicate on a mass scale allows for these types of events to occur more frequently.

Makes a pretty good argument for being able to communicate through alternate (or legacy) means.

Again, this begs the questions: What are you going to do to use these new variables to your advantage? How do you prosper in the new environment? How do you communicate this prosperity to your tribe?


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