Blown Out

So, you do carry a FAK in your range bag right? And, that FAK has a BOK in it right? Pressure bandage, clotting agent, field dressing?

Short story. No links to keep those involved out of the intarwebz because they might be annoyed or embarrassed.

Was shooting a comp this weekend and had one of my kids with me. The long distance stuff exhausted itself after a day and a half, so towards the end of a long, hot, grueling weekend of precision shooting, the group collectively decides to try something different, like running some carbine drills with secondary transitions. Simple stuff for advanced shooters – which every single one of us were.

Fast forward to round two of the new Model Carbine Classic, and we all hear BANG, followed by, “oh crap!”.

Contestant A, let’s call him, Bob, didn’t practice good finger control and drilled a 230gr, .45ACP FMJ into his upper thigh.

Had at least three of us not had BOK’s stuffed into our left cargo pocket, Bob may have had a worse day than he already did with the above excitement.

Also, when doing these little exercises, you MUST get a scripted bit to report to 911 or every SWAT nut in the county will come in with subguns blazing.

“I would like to report a firearm related accident and injury…” Second smartest thing we every agreed on after keep BOK’s on hand.

For Bob (and the rest of us), here again are the Four Rules


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