Thoughts on Sovereignty

“At it’s most basic level, sovereignty can be defined as might makes right.”

-John Ringo writing as Tyler Vernon.

I have a long commute. Anyone who lives where I live has one of these. It’s the nature of buying a house somewhere you like and changing gigs like projects over the years. On these commutes I listen to audiobooks. For the last year or so, this has been my brain dead time. An hour or so each day through stop lights with headphones. I’ve for the most part hit the scifi classics and some obscure stuff from when I was younger – lots of Heinlein.

It was by chance I happened upon John Ringo about a year ago. I took a chance on “Live Free or Die”. I’m happy I did.

The open quote above is from the central character. I won’t ruin the book by providing you details or even background. The context is not important save for the odds are stacked against them and the fight is for everything – once & for all.

I feel the same way about what we are currently accelerating towards as a nation and people.

Our culture continues to disintegrate. Our purpose seems corrupted and useless. We have overextended that which cannot be overextended. We are in dire straits.

There is however, some hope, some light out there in the distance, though very, very faint. It is a whisper so soundless and delicate that any disturbance would cause it to fade into the ether. Yet, we see and hear…something.

Might makes right.

From the other side, that’s the moral initiative and the action plan for the troops. We are right and this is just because we say it is.

On our side, the right side, we stand in this gap. We wait and bide our time. We plan, we train, we prepare. We do so as free men, as citizens.

I do not know what this land or these people who surround me will look like after this is through. I do know that there will some of us, at the core who understand that delicate ideal of freedom and liberty and will do whatever it takes to preserve it.



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