Watch the other hand: Perry Illuminations

Not ever going to be a political blog, however, one does need to pay attention to what is happening around you.

To summarize exactly who this guy is:

Perry is a cunningly coiffed Keynesian chameleon, a political whore of such pristine shamelessness that he makes Mitt Romney — the Mighty Morphin’ Mormon from Massachusetts — look like a granite pillar of principled resolve.

Money quote one:

That’s the same species of irony on display when the same governor who strategically spouts secessionist sentiments suddenly discovers a divinely appointed destiny to become the Dear Leader of the central government he supposedly despises.

Money quote two:

 Rick Perry, pious protector of female virtue, was the same chief executive who attempted  to force every 11-12 year-old schoolgirl in Texas to undergo an exceptionally risky vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease. In doing so Perryacting on behalf of corporatist allies in the pharmaceutical industry — bypassed the legislature to order those injections by executive decree.

Do not for a second think that this guy will be a savior of the Once Great Republic. This will be more of the same, only this rhetoric will sound slightly different.

You are being distracted on purpose. You are being forced to one side or the other with malicious intent.


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