They Need a Demon

And I believe they have found one.

Unlike the citizen referred to in the article, I do not look to the state or dotgov for answers. Neither should any of us.

That train has long left the station.

However, with demonization (collectively it seems), comes the need to make that demon into something real that whole of the electorate can touch and feel. The state needs a scape goat. Sending the Tea Party collectively down in flames would serve as an excellent example to the rest of the sheep.

2 thoughts on “They Need a Demon

  1. I may, eventually, go down in flames, but it will be with an entourage of the dead to carry my remains into the hereafter (heaven or hell).

    And if Maxine Waters wants me to “go to hell”, then she should show leadership by example and lead the way by going first.

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