Majick Steve: An Aside

I make my living in the tech industry.

When I first entered the professional workforce, Apple as an entity was struggling and took money from Microsoft to stay alive. After watching the Pirate of Silicon Valley on TNT years ago and Triumph of the Nerds, I was drawn into the story of Apple & MS.

Back before the dotcom bubble, Apples were a a flat out joke. I also remember back in 2005 or so when they switched to Intel procs that even Leo Laporte and the TWiTs called out, “This is the beginning of the end for Apple.”

Funny stuff.

It was shortly after that very prediction that I started to see the hardcore engineering crown (network nerds) begin migrating to the platform. By 2008, every CCIE I knew was on OS X – happy to leave Windows behind.

I made the transition around this time as well and have never looked back.

I approach Apple from a very technical point of view and quite honestly, marvel at how well they are put together. From a control and marketing standpoint, they are light years ahead of their nearest competitor. Though, as with all things, this leadership will eventually fade.

I place the credit for that consumer marketing success squarely at the feet of Jobs.

Random thoughts from a long standing nerd on a Thursday morning.



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