all about control

Post Irene Criticism at The Cliffs

So why would anyone want to inflate the status of a storm to a hurricane and pre-declare disaster?  A few reasons come to mind.

  • Nobody wants to underforecast a storm should it become a monster.
  • A more gloomy forecast allows for states to declare states of emergency sooner and begin evacuating sooner
  • It supports quicker declaration of a disaster area. Take New York for example. No really-take them.  Please. The disaster emergency was declared on 8-25. Before anyone had even suffered damages. Other states did likewise pre-declaring a disaster. When you think disaster relief, think “stimulus.” Government control = political control.
  • Those states of emergency allow for “special” powers like in North Carolina where being armed in public is suddenly illegal during an SOE.
  • Never let a crisis go to waste. Remember that a logical extension of this is, “Don’t solve a crisis while it’s small.” You’ll recall how hamstrung the oil skimmers were to those trying to cleanup the oil (i.e. make the crisis smaller).
I don’t have any concrete answers here and can’t tell you what the surface windspeed is.  But I can tell which way the weather vane is pointing.

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