A Brilliant Observation by Fred Reed

Go read.

Ours will be a stranger Dark Age than the old one. Our peasants brush their teeth and wash, imagine themselves of the middle class, but their heads are empty.

And they rule. We have achieved the dictatorship of the proletariat. Hod-carriers in designer jeans, they do not quite burn books but simply ignore them. Their college degrees amount to high-school diplomas, if that, but they neither know nor care.

Techno-baubbles, slick cars, shoddy built 3000sq ft houses in the middle of what used to be productive land. There is a biblical truth to what Fred is talking about here and so many parallels to Recovery Road it’s silly.

And the hits keep on coming. Informed (at least they believe themselves to be) Americans over beers last night discussed the current Dead Elephant crop of statists with gleeful abandon. “Hey, I like him. His plan is simple! He’s a former CEO!”.

I laughed myself silly. It’s like walking on a tour of a giant aquarium labeled with signs that say in big block letters, “DON’T TAP ON THE GLASS. IT’S NOT GOOD FOR THE FISH.”


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