Defending Against a Deliberate Front

I have no combat experience save for some live fire training and small unit exercises between myself and some other private citizens, so take what I am about to say for what it’s worth – essentially very little.

Arctic Patriot got me thinking with his post about the AR pistol project with regard to the why & how.

My current “truck gun” is a Kel-Tec Sub2000 in 9mm. This is magazine interchangeable with my carry piece. There is truth in this. Even the most basic of newbs can see that. It was cheap, it’s reliable, and has good accuracy (100 & below) and capacity. It is however, not a rifle, and does not pack the biggest of punches.

After reading AP’s piece above, and seeing some recent headlines, I have decided to join the venerable ranks of the AR pistol club. Not sure which one yet (likely a build) though. Despite the ARFCOM crowd marking the AR pistol platform as “teh ghey”, I can see very few other weapons of comparable ability to bring on the violence as one of these little toys.

Should I need it, 30+ of .223 in a compact operational package would be the perfect, concealable companion to my G19. Massive firepower with a rifle round in a tiny little frame.

Your feedback is welcome.

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