A Political Question

If one were to speculate about the global machinations of certain large, controlling groups, one could come to the conclusion that certain pieces are being put into play at this moment that would facilitate certain outcomes down a road.

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing what appears to be a concerted effort to bring about either a second Obama term or a Gingrich presidency.

Think about it. What would a Gingrich presidency due for the failing empire? For one, it would help bolster the Ambrose Bierce quote:

“War is God’s way of teaching American’s geography.”

Based on this Zerohedge post, some of those more macro steps are being taken. Classic 4GW disruption BTW.

Seriously though, what big picture (see global) moves could be made when the empire turns it’s military resources to another target? I’m pretty sure a Gingrich presidency would enable all kinds of military and industrial (as well as banking) powers to once again, expand their investment portfolios.

Just a few random thoughts on a Tuesday.

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