Watch the Other Hand

This may be the overriding theme for 2012 and beyond. Watch the other hand.

See this:

Unfortunately this type of blatant doublethink and outright deception is becoming more prevalent and the upcoming Time cover is a great example of how the events of the world are shaped and spun in the American mainstream media to keep the people of the United States from becoming agitated or asking too many questions.

Ask questions. When you get answers you don’t like or know to be a lie, ask again. Keep doing this until you get something resembling the truth. Out maneuver them. If I can do this on a day to day basis in business, it’s simple because in the end, I’m not that bright… 🙂

By the way, do you have any idea what the big picture implications of this really are? Quelling the American public’s tendency to get agitated? Holy crap Suzie. Doesn’t get any more conspiratorial than that. Just sayin’.



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