Possibilities: A PT Experiment

Allow me to deviate from the big picture stuff and focus on my ego boosting achievement.

On December 27th, I grabbed a pal and headed into the Georgia mountains. We arrived here and climbed Blood Mountain. This, in and of itself, is not interesting in the slightest save for these factors:

  1. The ambient temp never got above 45.
  2. The rocks were actually covered in ice on the north face.
  3. I had a 40lb load in a new and untested pack config.
  4. I was barefoot.

Not Five Fingers or barefoot shoes. No, completely barefoot.


Simple. I wanted to take what I had been doing in my training and move it one more notch.

Roughly 12 miles later, zero damage, zero pain, zero recovery time.

Good times. Just goes to show what’s possible.


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