Yeah, neither am I…

I never been too keen on allowing dotgov to give me permission to do anything. Whether that was back in my capricious, misspent youth, or today when I carry my sidearm in places that are verboten because of some law, it has never really mattered. A pal and I discussed this the other day in relation to NFA stuff and the downright, good, bad, and federal prison aspects.

The impending right turn off the cliff has little or nothing to do with dotgov allowing for anything, but rather what you, as a man, believe yourself to be – free, or not free. I’m free. I decided that one long ago. Woe to the individual or group that wishes to challenge that.

Like I mentioned earlier in the morning, “miles to go before i sleep…”. Lots more to do. Doesn’t really matter how you do it, just go and get it done.

I rather like this guy. One of my distant relatives fought with the previous John Mosby. This incarnation seems to be quite similar:

If you are reading this blog, and are hung up on the “let’s protect our second amendment rights” horseshit, do me a favor, don’t bother reading it anymore. Boys and girls, you don’t need government permission or protection to possess any of these rights. The entire idea behind the Bill of Rights was that these are NATURAL, God-given, unalienable human rights, shared by all men by virtue of their birth as human beings. They may not be protected by the government anymore, but you still possess these rights. You just need to exercise them.




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