In about 4 months

Read the writing on the wall campers.

“It was broadly agreed that flooring interest rates at zero, or capping issuance proceeds at par, was prohibiting proper market function. The Committee unanimously recommended that the Treasury Department allow for negative yield auction results as soon as logistically practical.

That’s right! You heard it correctly, bonds with a negative yield.

And once we get the green light on negative yields at auction, next up will be the push for the Fed to impose negative rates on all standing securities, which means that coming soon savers will be literally paying to hold cash. And that will be the final straw.

“Dogs & cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

Cash as a hold out is no longer an option, but ammo might be. So might be long term, food, seeds, boots, and medical supplies.

The country obviously doesn’t get this in slightest. This is real, hardcore, depression like conditions. Being penalized for saving cash. Now that’s pretty evil dude. Having the ability to downgrade rates on assets already sold is anathema to the very core of a market based economy.

This is the battlespace with which you will be forced to operate in kids.


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