On a long enough timeline: Decade Scale Economic Trends

Here is a good primer of where we are based on what I have to say below.

It is my theory that we, as a nation, are just now experiencing the decline that began in the mid 1960’s. This decline was subverted using currency manipulation, global military intervention, and various ‘extend & pretend’ tactics employed by the state and international banking interests.

Do not get me wrong here. I’m not putting on the tinfoil hat and saying there is a grand cabal of Rothsscarries & Ubersteins lurking in the shadows. Not at all. This is complex, long term, and very large scale maneuvers that shape the course of history.

Post World War II, America found itself in a unique and powerful position. With Europe and Asia in ruin, America possessed an industrial capacity that quickly came to dominate the world. This made her wealthy beyond anything that had come before her. This industrial might led to a litteral global domination of economic markets and political influence.

And, like all other massive centers of power and influence, an inevitable shift in that power began to unravel.

As time marched on, regional & global powers came into being. Not necessarily through military might, but through natural resources, manufacturing, trade, etc. America defended her economic interested by going to war. To quote someone, “It’s all about the cost of labor.” America used military power, like all empires before her to secure trade and markets by which to sell her goods and services, as well as, to protect sources of her raw materials to feed her industrial might.

When this eventual unrest came home in many different forms, her leaders sought an extension of this power.

Sources of cheaper labor were opened up, currencies were fundamentally changed, and a different market, as well as, world emerged.

Perceived prosperity through credit became the norm, and that decline was halted as her people prospered through decadence. Though they perceived themselves wealthy, they were not – they were merely in more and more debt.

As this is written, America is coming to the end of an almost 100 year cycle of prosperity. Boom and bust cycles.

I personally believe that this the last of those. An organized source of cheaper labor does not exist anywhere on this planet. That scheme of moving and shifting markets globally to find the next center of profit is over. Some new paradigm will take it’s place, and that will be the environment with which Americans (or whatever they will be called in the future) will have to operate in.

My thoughts. I welcome yours.

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