Our Decadence, Our Darkness

I had intended to post something in response to Kerodin’s post here, but as usual, capitalist greed got in my way.

Having piles of things to do this afternoon, and not wanting to do them, I had a random, passing thought on a few events that have made me re-evaluate our current social climate.

  1. Just before Christmas, I had all three of my kids in the truck going to WalMart of all places. We were accosted by a 40-ish year old man in the parking lot over a left turn. While I’m not clear that this is my fault, I’m willing to admit that to quell a potential violent situation. This man disagreed with that tactic and I was forced to reveal my sidearm in what turned out to be a very diffusing and non-threatening manner. No cops, no marshals, no 45 degree blading. Merely an idiot who was having a bad day and essentially realized that his temper would cause him to lose his life should he continue on the path he was walking down. BTW, first and only time I have ever had my hand on my piece while holding a baby. Dude, seriously? A left turn gets you this upset? How have you lived this long?
  2. Traffic again (it is Atlanta). Two teenage girls in a $45,000 BMW convertible almost causing an accident. Mobile phones were involved. I merely stared and shook my head in bewilderment. This drew her ire, and I was told vociferously that I was indeed number one. I would be remiss not to point out that a sixteen year old in a vehicle that expensive did not in any way produce enough labor to compensate for the cost of that car. She was given this, and based upon the area, is likely to be the recipient of this level of decadence for all of her short sixteen years on the planet. She was also rather corpulent. I do not point this to laugh at her and speak ill. I point this out because it shows a lack of self respect and self loathing. At that age, kid should not look like that. They should be in their physical primes. I know there are exceptions, but given the other components of these circumstances, I would bet the Bachelor Chow consumption is a bit too high.

Takeaways from this could be a couple of things:

  1. I’m a very bad or aggressive driver, which is true, though live in Atlanta and you will turn into this as well.
  2. The state of societal degradation has increased.

Can you view an entire society through the lens of two random encounters? No. Definitely not. However, you can use them as a sample of what is out there and blog about like I’m doing.

For the first, I attribute it to how crazy Christmas has become. I truly do. From October to January I have gotten to the point of wanting to stay inside and cower.

For the second, I’m not sure.

If you think the FSA has a sense of entitlement, try hanging out with upper middle class Republicans. It is the ghetto, only the rims aren’t chrome, and the stay-at-home-moms have better drugs.

The larger point here though is not about violence or how bad teenagers in BMW’s suck. The larger point is how are we, as patriots, III%’ers, Constitutionalists, etc ever going to get anywhere when the most solidly conservative people in the country feel entitled to free healthcare, cheap prescription drugs to ingest, and low, low monthly payments on fin German touring saloons?

You think about that dear readers.

My neighbors are the most entitlement laden bastards I have ever encountered.

“Lower the overall debt of the county by using tax revenues to pay down the note? Hell no! We need more schools! Class sizes are too big and little Timmy here needs extra attention!”

“That script is how much? I’m not paying that! F’ing Obama, making my meds go up in cost.”

“30 round mag? Why do YOU need a 30 round mag? The cops are here to ‘protect & serve’.”

The above, I excrement you not, has been overheard at every tennis match, stupid social gathering, and drunken business lunch I have attended since 2008. Take that, add it to the issues down in the inner city, and other ghetto like aspects of American society, and what do you have?

A perfect storm.

We have as a nation, society, and culture reached a pinnacle and peak of decadence the likes of which the world has yet to see. The higher the climb, the more brutal the fall guys. Questions? Ask the Romans, or more to the point, those who were left after that empire smoldered.

6 thoughts on “Our Decadence, Our Darkness

  1. Nicely said, and absolutely true. Exactly why I moved out to the sticks even though I took major hits on real estate to do so.

    True stories:

    1. Drive-by shooting on Christmas Eve across the street from my house in an upscale golf community north of Atlanta. Nice new black BMW convertible, guy hadn’t been invited to his cousin’s Christmas party. To be fair, though, knowing his family, couldn’t blame him much for the shooting, just don’t understand why he wanted to be invited…

    2. Same community, residents hid in terror from an evil van suspected of stalking kids. Yet they bravely called the Forsyth county sheriff (you know, the one taking bribes) on me when I suggested we grab our bats and go play cul-de-sac baseball. Too threatening.

    3. Another, more upscale community, next door neighbor kept stealing my squash planted beneath my deck. Had to tell her I installed security cameras to get her to stop.

    4. In the sticks, got some T-posts stolen within a month of moving in by some welfare types.

    To be honest, like you, I can’t really see the difference either.

  2. No doubt. I use before retiement and working in a corporate environemtn almost puck at every ‘morning meeting’. It was all I could do to sit in my chair, put on a ‘1000 yard stare’ and keep my mouth shut. For the most part, my fellow staff members were middle class (abit somewhat ‘liberal’ in mindset) but the whinning, bitching and complaining was almost too much to take – luck the corporation had a no firearm policy in effect.
    If you are suggesting that we as a nation are spoiled, immature and self-serving I would support that view point but the other question is, ‘…what is any different….? Seems people have always wanted be left alone. Just keep your hands off my money, property and kids. Sadly, I think shooting time is coming close – and yes we do have enough ammo at this point in our area.

  3. I’m with you up to this point: The larger point is how are we, as patriots, III%’ers, Constitutionalists, etc ever going to get anywhere when the most solidly conservative people in the country feel entitled to free healthcare, cheap prescription drugs to ingest, and low, low monthly payments on fin German touring saloons?

    I don’t see that at all.

    The folks I personally know and talk with who are “patriots, III%’ers, Constitutionalists” have never said nor hinted at any of that. They are, to the individual, aware that hard times are coming, they’re adamantly against Obamacare, and they openly acknowledge that they won’t get the social security they’ve paid for. Not a hint of the things you’re seeing “in the big city”.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I’m glad you are seeing something different where you are, but quite honestly, I am not. There are the hints of liberty among my suburban brethren, though they tend to be in the smallest minority rather than a solid percentage – which is what you would think it would be.

      It is my belief that the decadence of the last two decades has simply sunk in too far.

      Thanks again for the comment sir!

  4. dm,

    To personify the attitude you describe above, one need look no further than O’Reilly, Hannity, Ingraham, & Colter, et al. Those who’ve watched/heard/read their utterences & paid attention to what they pseudo-/won’t report on, such as the real meat of the ever widening A.T.F. gun smuggling atrocity or the N.Y.P.D.’s Brit-style crime stat scandal, have no illusions about who they’ll side w/ should things in this country go from push to shove to shove back to snap/crackle/BOOM & who they’ll include for blame for all of the nastiness that occurs. And you can confidently bet that they/similar ‘patriotic Great Uhmurracuns’ won’t be seriously going against their Imperial overlords regardless of how murderous its acts become, just like their predecessors Lord Haw-Haw & Tokyo Rose.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Agree with this:

      “To personify the attitude you describe above, one need look no further than O’Reilly, Hannity, Ingraham, & Colter, et al.”

      Two sides that are simply distractions from the theft of Liberty as a whole…

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