Mr. Mosby Has Something to Say

And, as usual, it is very good.

Here’s the vid.

As always, thank you CA.

No military experience here. Hunting only, but lots of it. Some principles are the same, most not. I spent countless days/nights in the bush in FL, TX, GA, Miss, AL, CA, ID, & NV. I’m no stranger to wild animals tracking me and me stalking them.

So, here goes.

Command, control, & discipline are simply not there. A couple of guys seem to know what’s going on, but most seem quite confortable to lie there and wait for something to happen. This, depending on what you think the near future might look like, could go both ways.

I saw what looked like a bolt gun, or maybe and M-14/M1A? Good glass too. Didn’t see anyone really returning fire or looking for targets.

Seems as if these guys are relying too heavily on the tech – you know, calling in support when they get in trouble.

I will echo that on that hike back, they seemed to be in another world despite being in a high risk area. It almost seemed as if they were all tired and had been out for far too long – just waiting to get back to their FOB.

Also saw lots of muzzles sweeping across bodies and heads. Is this normal in combat? I can see where stress would force your discipline to get a bit lax, though I could also see where nervous and itchy trigger fingers and bad muzzle discipline during times like these would make for a bad day all around.

This is merely an opinion based on an observation that I seriously know nothing about from experience. Let’s keep that straight.

However, would the competency and attitude on display here be indicative of the general morale of troops in country in said rockpile? No idea. Merely throwing that one out there.



6 thoughts on “Mr. Mosby Has Something to Say

  1. Good questions and obvious ones at that.
    The only saving grace was the horrid execution by the ambush team.
    Frankly I think anyone that has been to an Appleseed could have done more damage with Marlin 60 than the ragh… err insurgents.

  2. That’s why they attack all angles: restricting long (600m+) rifle ranges (new construction, hours of operation, “lead contamination”, parking, noise, recycling, permitting, mass-media propaganda (Holder “brainwashing against guns” 1995 speech), membership requirements, sales taxes, ordinances,etc.), FOID cards, ammo taxes/buying limits, magazine capacity, bore size, bullet weight/speed, accessories, precision targeting optics restrictions, public transit carry restrictions, concealed carry registration/restrictions, and more outrageous impositions on liberty. You can never have an effective weapon in your possession that meets the need “to feel safe” of hoplophobes. Only gun-wanting people in prisons, comas or graves satisfy their need to feel “safe”.

    Appleseed is a great concept. Folks need to get started somewhere, and cheap is a good start. Any gun is better than none, and an accurized 10/22 or auto-loading Marlin can be carried by anyone who can lift themselves. Young men need access to fireams, under controlled conditions with knowledgeable supervision, to see that they are not toys to casually handle, that owning and using them well is as important/consequential as being skilled driving a car/motorcycle.

    There is hope. There are plans for whatever comes.

    • The renewed interest in reloading and load development brings somewhat of a counter.
      This temporary reprieve from overt gun band attempts must be used, it will not last long and in fact the rumblings are already being heard again.

      Appleseed needs help folks, volunteer if you are able, contribute if you can.

    • Another point that I believe is applicable:

      We are in what can only be described as a golden age with regard to firearms in this country. Sales are stronger than ever, demand is out pacing the supply in many cases across the board – ammo, accessories, weapons, training, & gear. There are more people shooting now than ever before- the tacticool stuff driving a lot of that.

      In order for the bad people to change that there will have to overt action to counter market forces.

      They tried with #F&F and #Gunwalker, and despite the lack of media coverage, there was outrage and activism in the community at large.

      My point is that there will have to be a deliberate act to bring about change that will have to be vehemently embraced by both sides, publicly. With that comes some measure of accountability to what’s left of the electorate.

      So, hope? Not sure. Merely an observation.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment guys.

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