This, right here. Go read this. Now!

AM knocks it out of the park, over the bloody hedgerow, and across the border:

But culture is not civilization.  Cultural norms can outlast a civilization by a long time.  The philosophy of “stoicism” has come down the path of time to define what we think of as “masculine.”  So even though our civilization may be crumbling around us (grab what you can to pad the fall now) our culture may live on in the next civilization.
I mean come on, if we look at Rome, Russia, even Britain, and we can see that we are going down the same time worn path.
1. Expensive foreign wars that have nothing to do with national security? Check.
2. Currency devaluing at a predictable rate? Check
3. Ever tighter restrictions on freedom in a desperate grasp to stop the slide that restricting freedom causes? Check
4. The breakup of the Empire causes the collapse of the military back to “home base?”  Check and double check.  Pax Romana ended, Pax Britainia ended, and Pax Americana is over.

The best possible future I see for my people, my “gun culture” people, is a self sufficient militia along the Swiss model (or Finnish if you prefer).  The worst possible future is that of Britain, or Russia.  The experiment in Democracy that began in 1917 with the death of the Republic is coming to the inevitable end.

That last sentence brings it home.

You and your tribe are it. End of story. Something wicked this way comes.


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