If I’m Honest, This Stings a Bit

And, what I say below downright hurts…

NC Renegade, via Kerodin.

I have faith in the real American people. The people who are moral and virtuous. The people who understand the concept of both honor and sacred Honor.  The people who will stop putting their future in the hands of politicians. The people who will sacrifice everything to give their children back their Freedom.

I respectfully disagree. We are not moral & virtuous. In fact, I cannot remember back to a time in my life when we were either of these. Tough, resourceful, independent, yes. Morality and virtue? Not so sure.

Now, before you start firing up that email client or hammering down the comment section, let me clarify. There are those who walk among us who are. In fact, there are lots of them. My point is that the majority of my countrymen are not. The III% are few an far between. They are the exception rather than the rule and that is my point.

Cheap money, nice, fine, touring saloons at low interest rates over 60 months. A 3000 sq ft shoddily built house that in reality resembles an ATM rather than a home. Careers spent chasing the next comma in your annual income instead of stepping out and doing or making. This is what Americans are now.

Sir, I appreciate your post more than you could ever know, and hope to God almighty that I am completely wrong in my opinion.

6 thoughts on “If I’m Honest, This Stings a Bit

  1. I’m afraid you are correct. I wish it wasn’t so, but the reality is stark and ugly. Simply going by how rude most people are these days, how inconsiderate, selfish, and demanding they are, will confirm your belief. The values that made us great as a nation are missing for the most part these days. I do not like the majority of the people I see and meet these days, even though I know there still are many good, decent people in this world.

  2. It is (to me) an issue of principal(s). Most in my experience do not have this component to their value system – we as a country/people have been ‘conditoned’ to live an easy life, purchase anything we want (wheather we have the money or not) and seek instant gratification. Principal(s)? Not so much for most people – how do you change that? The only thing I can think of is present an immediate threat to the sheeps well being and then attempt to direct their response behaviors toward something to believe in – sad this is what we have come to at the present time. My belief is that those without principals will be as big a threat as those who are activaly taking away what few liberities we have left: just my .02 worth.

    • I’m not sure you can change it…

      That being said, I do think you can take basic leadership principles, build tribe, and be an example to the rest of the community at large.

      The success of that will be directly related to how much FSA culture has infiltrated the enclave in which you call home. Out here in the ‘burbs, I fear that free school lunches, low interest rates, and various other “white collar entitlements” are the norm rather than the exception to the rule. While parsing FMLS the other day for a potential client, I found a $478,000 house in a gated golf community that was classified as Section 8. I’m not sure the dude in that situation would want his free ride taken away in the name of liberty.

  3. The writer Tom Baugh said, “The sheep don’t like the sheepdogs much because he reminds them too much of the wolf.”
    Thats us the III%, the sheepdogs of this country. Only now the wolves have hired public image consultants and have convinced the sheep that they are also sheep and the sheepdog is really a wolf. Sheep are very myopic like that, easy to
    fool if you throw a nice sheepskin over yourself and promise you will lead them to greener pastures.
    Now we sheepdogs stand shivering at the edge of the forest watching the wolf lead our flock out of sight. We would really appreciate a sheepherder to show up now, give us a few commands so we could get on with driving off the wolves and bringing our flock back to homelands. I know the herdsman is around but all my barking hasn’t brought him yet nor have enough other sheepdogs appeared to deal with the wolf pack. We few can’t fight them alone and none of the sheep are smart enough to help. We could jump the wolves and take their sheepskins but even then the sheep would go on believing the wolf because he is telling them what they want to hear. that there is a much better pasture ahead if they will just follow him.

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