Home from Detroit

You know, it would be my luck that when I took the new gig and started traveling again, that it would be to freakin’ Detroit.


Going through the TSA checkpoint the other day on the way back home I was asked questions before proceeding to the testicle shrinking machine:

“Mr. Matson, where are you going?”

“Mr. Matson, who do you work for?”

“Mr. Matson, how long were you in Detroit?”

“Mr. Matson, when did you buy the tickets?”

Wasn’t just my lucky day. Everyone was being subjected to this nonsense.

You know, when I was 10 or so I went from West Germany to West Berlin via the commie bloc. This felt EXACTLY the same.


Curious if any of my remaining two readers know of this new and interesting detail?

One thought on “Home from Detroit

  1. I’ve lived in FREAKIN’ DETROIT all my life and I’ve travelled abroad and throughout the Nation and have never been asked those questions while going through TSA security at metro-airport. I’ve only gotten those types of questions while going through Customs in another country or coming back into the US from another country. Going through Customs and TSA Security is two different things and TSA procedures are basically the same in every State of the Union. I’m so sorry Detroit (and our TSA/Customs procedures) were such a let down and so frustrating for you, maybe next time you’ll get to go to LA, NYC or Chicago and their TSA check points will be much nicer/easier for you. Please understand that Detroit is an International boarder and Homeland Security is always going to be a bit tighter here. I apoligize for your inconvenience. Maybe, your obvious disdain for our city will cause you to think twice before accepting another job here. I’m sure there are many locals who would gratefully jump at the chance to have that opportunity.

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