Hey Look! A Firearm Post!

Going to get one of these…

Here’s why:

  1. Common caliber.
  2. Cheap.
  3. Extremely accurate.
  4. AR mag fed.

I have so many AR mags, I lost count when I got into the 300 range. I’m shockingly past that now. This BTW comes from coming of age during the dark days of the ban when AR & Glock mags were 10 times what they should have been for proper round counts. I now pride myself on collecting the ones marked “for law enforcement & military only”.

.223 is a fantastic round. I dig on big man killer rounds like .308, .30-06, & .45-70, but the .223 has its merits as well.

The last ten deer I have taken were taken with a 55gr SP .223 in a single shot break open.

This Mossberg will likely replace that one, and you know, if they make a .308 version, I’ll buy that one too. Love, love, love the standard mag thing. That alone is enough to get me to spend the $600 on this thing.