hey old world, welcome to the new machine

Anonymous gets riled up.

Update 11: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has fallen and can’t get up.

/me smiles.

talk about #resist, teh has it.*

*-and before you start talking out of one side of you mouth and saying, “those damned pirates. they deserve this!”. it ain’t about piracy (perceived). kinda like the War on (some) Drugs, the patriot act, and NDAA 2012, it’s about stamping out the competition and legislating failed business models. follow the money and watch the other hand.



Anonymous Sends

Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution

PDF warning.

Good points. Check back frequently as there will be no doubt, many updates and addendum.

If you have not prepped and are just now wandering into this very confusing landscape – welcome. The above link is an excellent place to start. Hear that? Start.

“and miles to go before i sleep…”

More later.