An Oathkeeper Aside

Last spring I took my oldest two daughters hiking around an abandoned nuclear reactor. Fun times.

On the way home we stopped by a local sporting goods place that had the venerable Marlin 795 on sale with a $30 rebate. Since I try and get out to an Appleseed event at least once a year, I thought I would go and get a couple since they were almost two for one at this price.

Having also never purchased anything firearms related at one of these sporting goods chains before, I had no idea what to expect. Long waits, poor service, and a seemingly disbelieving attitude toward someone who would “BUY TWO GUNS AT ONCE” (ZMOG!!! – ELEVENTY!!!), I was filling out the 4473’s.

Doing said papieren was a sheriffs deputy from the county which we were in. Requesite banter ensued:

“These are a great deal.”

I answered, “Indeed. Never shot one before. They are for Appleseed. You ever heard of that?”

“No, what’s that?”

I proceed to do the Appleseed song and dance and then the deputy floors me with a statement.

“I’m an Oathkeeper. Lots of my fellow deputies are. Sheriff’s even on board with it.”

I asked, “So you guys really understand what that’s about? Not following orders about violating the rights of the citizens? Could get pretty ugly for you if it comes down to that. You realized how big of a deal that is right? I mean, someone like you comes to take my gear during any type of real or even perceived event, and you and your buddies are going to get lit up. Not to mention what my wife and kids will do to you after I’m gone. I shudder to think about that. Women are violent.”

He got real quiet. It was as if he had some kind of epiphany about the reality of his surroundings and woke up – just a little bit.

He said, “I never really thought about it that way. The idea is sound, but practical application. I just don’t know.”

I answered, “Well, here’s to hoping right? I mean, when and if that day comes, I would imagine it will be pretty dark.”

He stammered, “Uh, yeah…”

Appleseed this weekend

In lovely Toccoa, Ga. Weather is supposed to be a cloudy 85+. I’m looking forward to getting away from the slavish grind and the suburban compound for a night or two. Taking a neophyte with me. One of those actual country boy types who has never really learned to shoot his rifle. Hopefully he will walk away with a better sense of purpose.

Like I mentioned in a few tweets this weekend, I traveled extensively through the north Atlanta suburbs on the way to and from church. I saw TONS of empty space that someone is paying a note on. You know, the problem with all that cheap debt, is that eventually it gets expensive. At some point those rates are going to have to rise. The market can only sustain those for so long before something gives.

When that happens, which side of the fence will you be on?

Look for me up in Toccoa. I’ll be the one with the rifle.