New Beginnings

New day gig starts tomorrow. Mmmmmm, goodbye Detroit. I’ll not miss you in the slightest.

Situational awareness 101 needs to kick back into high gear. No more idyllic suburban office settings. I’m back to the daily commute grind from a (sort of) tough part of town.

Go back and read Matthew’s ongoing series titled, “Dark Arts for the Good Guys”. There’s a wealth of knowledge there.

More later. I’m glad to be home.






The FSA Will Not be Denied

Denninger’s take on the real FSA and their expectations.

From the second link:

The school board’s last offer included a three percent raise the first year and two percent raises the next three years — a slight increase from an earlier offer of two percent raises in each of the next four years.

The package, which would cost $400 million, keeps increases for experience and credentials with some modifications.

Vitale said the contract amounted to a 16 percent raise over four years for the average teacher when factoring other increases. And the raises could not be rescinded for lack of funds — which is what happened this past school year, angering teachers and helping to set the stage for Monday’s strike.

Sixteen percent eh? Never had one quite that big. I wonder what it’s like?

I know this is Chicago, but let me put this into perspective. In my semi-metro Atlanta county, our school board superintendent makes $250,000 a year before benefits and bonus.

In the private world, before I would pay a good executive this much cash, I would be setting forth metric upon metric with which to measure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, every success and failure that could possibly be measured.

With the public sector, this kind of comp is handed out because, “that’s what it takes to find good talent…”.

All, we have dug this hole ourselves. Your friends, neighbors, and yes, families are the ones you should be looking over your shoulders for. I ain’t kiddin’…

Combat America: Our Time in the Excrement

Check out the video and then come back.

This made the Net meme rounds yesterday and I’m sure you have heard or seen it. I think I ran across an ARFCom thread and linked out for later viewing after a meeting or something.

The place described in the video by the EMT is here.

Any illusions that southwest Fulton county here in Atlanta metro, Birmingham proper, south Jackson Mississippi, or many parts of Dallas would be any different during a crisis?

I wonder how long it would take for that kind of stuff to migrate out to the pasty white ‘burbs? A week, a month, a year?

Remember kids, your neighbor, the one who is rallying for good old Mitt, might end up being OPFOR when his wife and kids get hungry, or when they have the chance to turn you in for some infraction to find favor in the eyes of dotgov.

It doesn’t take much for the tide to sharply turn in a rapid fashion, and while many places in the US will simply not give in to this kind of utter and complete societal excrement, many will.

Watch your six & keep your powder dry.

Remember, you are in the middle of the collapse. You’re watching it now. Prep while you can, and build your tribe.

Are you heel’d up?

How often? Do you obey restrictions set upon you by private business owners or dotgov? I generally don’t.

Yeah, I know it’s a ‘massage parlor’, but the location is smack in the middle of McMansion city. You have to live in Atlanta to truly appreciate the gravity of what this means.

While this is not the nicest part of town, it’s about 150 meters from some of the most exclusive real estate in the metro area.

I had my kids chowing down on pizza here a week ago.

You get my point yet?

What about this as applied to your area, and yes Virginia, that is as suburban as the place you live in.

Take note, this stuff is escalating and not just being reported more.




More proof that the sheep have no idea what is coming here in metro Atlanta.

SPLOST measures passed with a pretty good margin yesterday. These are not going to pay down debt, but only to increase it. You know, for the children and for education…

In this solidly Republican enclave, these fiscal and social conservatives voted for another increase in their tax infrastructure and proved yet again that they are willing to take from each other to move the needle that much further. This is also fairly good evidence to support that not matter how hard you wish and pray, we ain’t voting our way out of this.

This directly impacts the CW2 battlespace. If you think it doesn’t you are delusional.


The World Will End on Tuesday

I was discussing this with Mrs. Matson over morning emails.

As an aside before I get to my point…

I have always found it astounding that the landscape and culture of a city can so drastically change in just a few square miles. Almost as if you pass into another country or world all together.

I digress.

My point.

After visiting the link, reading the bit that passes as an article, watching the video, and finally, reading a few comments, what is your take?

Mine generated a few questions:

  1. What is the percentage dispersion of EBT/Foodstamps in the county where I currently reside?
  2. How many of my suburban neighbors are on EBT/Foodstamps?
  3. What’s your plan for saying yea/nay to neighbor seeking help in crisis or troubled times?
  4. What is your plan for when said neighbor finds out that you do indeed have the ability to feed yourself in times of crisis?

I’ll be honest with you here. Even after two weeks of NPCC & the Recovery Road series with Andy, I’m still hesitant to change my fundamental way of thinking which is along the lines of extreme threat mitigation.

My first reaction is to load mags and prepare to repel boarders.

This is however, not how it works. Doing the above will not foment support from your neighbors and they are ultimately who make up your tribe.

The above story takes place within a relatively short drive of the Matson compound. I would imagine that could also be a doable walk for someone hungry enough.


Even 4×4’s Get Turned Around

Living in #Atlanta – or at least the #Atlanta burbs – makes for interesting driving in sunny, dry conditions. Add snow and ice to the mix and the natives get…interesting.

Due to road conditions, I have been banished to VPN for the past two days. In between conference calls that really have no purpose and IM’s with people who are in the same situation as I am, I have been ferrying my completely unprepared neighbors to the local grocery store to get provisions because I am the only one on the block with 4 wheel drive.

Having had enough of this, I ventured out after the sun came up this AM to make the overland journey to my place of business. For the first time in two days I even took the truck out of 4 wheel and put it into 2.

After 10 or so miles of travel over ice and with insane drivers on my right and left, I encountered a massive traffic snarl that went unreported by the local media. I turned around and am now happily typing away via the Matson home office.

Sometimes, despite all your preparations and planning, the “others” out there simply have it in for you.

No plan survives first contact with the enemy – or #Atlanta drivers…