Shoot, Move, Communicate – On the Run

On the move. Saturday’s exercise:

  • fire randomly loaded mag stationary at 60 meters
  • when dry, run to second position, change mag and engage battery before getting to second position, about 40 meters from target
  • fire second randomly loaded mag, when dry rapid change before reaching third target, about 20 meters from target
  • fire third randomly loaded mag, stationary reload, fire fourth randomly loaded mag, transition to sidearm
  • repeat until out of ammo or too tired
  • vary speeds as needed

Clear all jams, ftf’s, misfires, and various malfs. Keep the carbine up in your workspace so you can see downrange. Try not to put a hole in your leg, foot, truck, or anyone else out on the field with you.

It was almost 80 and sunny all day on Saturday. Good times.