Mechanical Injuries

I’m a knife guy. I love them, and have so many I lost count. It’s a primal thing for me.

Every year around Christmas, I usually place an order for one that I have been drooling over all year. A vanity gift. This year I got a Bravo Necker. Great little knife. I really dig on Mike Stewart’s ability to get the heat treat perfect on that A2. Fantastic company and product.

Upon receiving the necker, within 30 seconds of playing with it, I managed to embed in in my hand. Not a nik or small cut. No, stuck in my left palm, about halfway in. I’ll spare you the pic.

Anyway, as I sat there with my hand under the cold tap, I though, “seriously, i do not want to sit in an urgent care or ER for hours waiting to get stitches…”. During said contemplation, I remembered that Superglue was an alternative to this long and tedious wait. After Googling this, I went downstairs to my workshop and squeezed out a bead onto my hand. The bleeding stopped and so did the pain. Wow!

It’s unbelievable that I have not done this before. The result was as close to magical as it gets.

Twenty four hours later, the bead popped off due to my corrosive sweat, and the cut was completely closed.

Doing this saved a good eight productive hours and about $1000.

Morale of the story: Keep superglue in your kit.