Anecdotal Evidence

Anyone know why you can’t actually track a package sent via the US Postal Service and that you can through UPS, FedEx, etc?

Because the USPS is a government make-work program run by people who feel the state owes them employment, stellar benefits, and a six figure pension.

Your fellow neighbors in suburbia rant, rave, and bitch about waste such as this, though if you were to take that fixed cost stamp away from them, they would mourn their “right” to postal service.

You think about that and how it impacts your AO and subsequent battle space.

This flinch is a tell

John Venlet via The Green Dragon Tavern.

Comment by Pat Hines is what I really wanted to pull out of this:

I hate to skewer your illusions, TPaine, but the US government’s military will do, at least above the 65% level, exactly what their superiors tell them to do, exactly like they did after Katrina in New Orleans and nearby Parishes.

Betting on the US government’s military to act within Constitutions limitations is a fantasy.

Posted by Pat Hines  on  02/21  at  06:46 PM


Look up a little further on that page to find the phrase, ‘preparing the battlespace’.

All, we are in for one hell of a fight. Better get ready now, though I have to admit, the concept behind John’s piece did make me smile a bit.

As to regular posting, I’m not sure when I will have time. Our major deal was complete as of last week, and now I’m working through transition and integration. 20 hour days have turned into 22 hour days much to Mrs. Matson’s chagrin. I still owe Kerodin an E&E post with pics. Will do my best to get that complete by weeks’ end.

Social Fractals

Wow. Two ZH links in one morning. Good stuff.

Social fractals:

1. When the system enables fraud, collusion, misrepresentation of risk, moral hazard (the separation of risk and gain) and embezzlement, then it also rewards them. When breaking the rules in a systematic fashion garners huge rewards in wealth and power while playing by the rules dooms one to lower returns on the same investment of labor and capital, then the system itself is thoroughly, totally, completely, hopelessly corrupt.

Since America has enabled financial fraud, embezzlement etc. on a systemic basis, America itself is thoroughly, totally, completely, hopelessly corrupt. There is no other logical conclusion.

2. When the rule of law is routinely bypassed, flouted, negated or simply ignored without triggering uniformly applied consequences, then the system is thoroughly, totally, completely, hopelessly corrupt. Since America’s financial and political Elites have routinely bypassed, flouted, negated or simply ignored the laws governing mortgages, finance, insider trading, etc., actions that would lead to an average citzen’s arrest, indictment and routine conviction, then we must conclude that America itself is thoroughly, totally, completely, hopelessly corrupt. There is no other logical conclusion.

There are thus two distinct problems. The system, though nominally legal, is corrupt. The financial and political Elites (the Power Elites, or the Plutocracy) as a matter of course are not bound by the same laws that control the non-Elite citizenry.

Is it any wonder than the average citizen has surrendered their autonomy, independence and will to resist in such a pervasively corrupt society and economy? No wonder the average American is busy extending and pretending, remaining passive, quiet and complicit in the corruption. Why put my slice of the swag at risk when everyone else is getting away with perfectly legal looting, illegal but “enabled” predation and unparalleled financial parasitism enforced by the Central State?

But hey, there’s going to be quite a battle of gladiators in the Coliseum tomorrow, and free bread will be distributed before the entertainment extravaganza.

How does this apply to the upcoming battlespace?

Rehersal for the Big Die Off – Take Two

Echoes of last summer here in Atlanta.

This impacts your plans and the CW2 battlespace to a great degree.

Health officials said they processed 4,000 to 5,000 applicants on Thursday morning, adding that as many as 15,000 could ask to be put on a list with only 3,800 vouchers available over the next few years.

Welcome to the future.