Combat America: Our Time in the Excrement

Check out the video and then come back.

This made the Net meme rounds yesterday and I’m sure you have heard or seen it. I think I ran across an ARFCom thread and linked out for later viewing after a meeting or something.

The place described in the video by the EMT is here.

Any illusions that southwest Fulton county here in Atlanta metro, Birmingham proper, south Jackson Mississippi, or many parts of Dallas would be any different during a crisis?

I wonder how long it would take for that kind of stuff to migrate out to the pasty white ‘burbs? A week, a month, a year?

Remember kids, your neighbor, the one who is rallying for good old Mitt, might end up being OPFOR when his wife and kids get hungry, or when they have the chance to turn you in for some infraction to find favor in the eyes of dotgov.

It doesn’t take much for the tide to sharply turn in a rapid fashion, and while many places in the US will simply not give in to this kind of utter and complete societal excrement, many will.

Watch your six & keep your powder dry.

Remember, you are in the middle of the collapse. You’re watching it now. Prep while you can, and build your tribe.