Denninger nails it as usual.

Consumerism will not survive.

The powerhouse of America will vanish into the annals of history and be remembered as nothing more than a failed experiment in lunacy.


Wow, that kinda sucked. Wonder what today will bring?

I will ask this question again:

How do you use the new environment variables to your advantage so that you can thrive?

Keep your heads up and your wits about you today. Yesterday afternoon I found myself completely unproductive because I was sitting on the edge of my chair surfing through the doom & gloom. Kind of a wild ride from about 2 to 4.

I fear that today will bring much of the same. It has not been since 9/2001 that I have been this distracted by level of crazy.


Knocking Your Teeth Out

I remember as a kid coming to the simple conclusion that given a long enough timeline, we would eventually run out of things to buy.

An over simplification of our consumer driven society for sure, but accurate at its core.

See Karl’s late night ticker.

Based upon the deal struck by our government, the reaction overseas has been…interesting. Europe is literally on the verge of total economic collapse, and governments are stepping directly into the fray to rig the markets for positive reaction.

So, what are your takeaways from this?

Markets are being rigged to support the failing states.

Structure your investments with this understanding and you will thrive.