Shoot, Move, Communicate – On the Run

On the move. Saturday’s exercise:

  • fire randomly loaded mag stationary at 60 meters
  • when dry, run to second position, change mag and engage battery before getting to second position, about 40 meters from target
  • fire second randomly loaded mag, when dry rapid change before reaching third target, about 20 meters from target
  • fire third randomly loaded mag, stationary reload, fire fourth randomly loaded mag, transition to sidearm
  • repeat until out of ammo or too tired
  • vary speeds as needed

Clear all jams, ftf’s, misfires, and various malfs. Keep the carbine up in your workspace so you can see downrange. Try not to put a hole in your leg, foot, truck, or anyone else out on the field with you.

It was almost 80 and sunny all day on Saturday. Good times.

Last Evening’s Unexpected Training Opportunity

A friend called my last evening and asked, “Deacon, what you up to tonight?”

My reply, “Since I have three kids and a wife, what do you think?”

He then said, “Can you get away?”

I replied, “Prolly… Why?”

He then elaborated, “Get your carbine, some ammo and your gear. I will be by to pick you up in 20.”

Twenty minutes later I’m standing in my driveway decked out in tac gear with 2000 rounds in an ammo can. Pal picks me up and drives north into the hinterland to an unknown & undisclosed location in the Blue Ridge Foothills.

We pull up to a parcel of fairly remote land to find a shoot house, pits, backstops and targets.

As dark is approaching, we stand in a circle, six of us, discussing medical triage, comms, and various other safety procedures in case something untoward happens. Thereafter, we don gear, NVG monoculars, and go to town.

Every imaginable scenario got run through in the course of four hours.

2500 rounds, an aging barrel, and an exhausted Deacon. Good times.

Great to know that there are others out there like me (and you dear readers). Nice surprise on a Thursday night.