Simple Things

I thought about this driving into the office here in Cleveland this morning.

I have a concealed carry permit for GA. But, the only reason I have it is because it makes it much easier to buy firearms – no stupid background check and associated fee – at the local shop.

I DO NOT have a concealed carry permit for GA because I need a permission slip to exercise a God given right.

Dark Arts for Good Guys

Matthew, I am so very grateful you posted once more.

See The Right to a Knife:

The end game is this. There is a difference between “feeling safe” and having viable options to safely defend oneself.

We don’t talk, train, and fight out of a sense of hatred. We do these things out of love. The love to get home, to see our children raised, our families thriving as a whole. I don’t “hate” anyone who is trying to do me harm. But they sure in hell are my enemy and I intend on seeing them dead first if it comes to that.

Rule #1 – ALWAYS have a knife. ALWAYS.

In my house, I don’t go to the head without a blade – in my own house. Neither does Mrs. Matson. Most of the time, I don’t go without a sidearm, but that is not the point here. NEVER (see NEVER) go without a knife. It is a fundamental tool for operating in daily life and means of enhancing defense of yourself and those around you.

Said sharp object need not be an eight inch combat apparatus with the coolest powder coating you have ever seen. It need only be a sharped piece of reliable metal that can inflict damage. Sometimes, it may not even need to be metal.

Be prepared. If you have any questions, see Rule #1.

“Hey, is that one ‘a dem space rifles?”

Dude, you have no idea how much this pisses me off.

The closest range to my is public. I see this all the time. I usually allow for an extra 45 minutes post shooting to clean up the mess as I am almost always alone when I frequent said range.

In fact, it makes me so mad, I have contemplated buying a few acres close to TN just so I could use it to shoot on.

Are you heel’d up?

How often? Do you obey restrictions set upon you by private business owners or dotgov? I generally don’t.

Yeah, I know it’s a ‘massage parlor’, but the location is smack in the middle of McMansion city. You have to live in Atlanta to truly appreciate the gravity of what this means.

While this is not the nicest part of town, it’s about 150 meters from some of the most exclusive real estate in the metro area.

I had my kids chowing down on pizza here a week ago.

You get my point yet?

What about this as applied to your area, and yes Virginia, that is as suburban as the place you live in.

Take note, this stuff is escalating and not just being reported more.