The Bigger Perspective

In the spirit of not adding any actual value with regard to content…

I would encourage you to go read this from ZH.

Please understand exactly what this means – the game is completely rigged and you invest at your own risk. Many of you have known this for a long, long time now, and the above changes nothing for you. However, for those of you late to the party, the above is so fundamentally game changing that you will be forced to revaluate your financial positions in their entirety.

All funds are subject to plunder by animals who are more equal than you…


Rumors In Bewteen Meetings: Issa to ditch Gunwalker

Heard a rumor that John Boehner is calling halt to Issa’s Gunwalker investigation.

Calls into Issa’s office have not yielded confirmation via ARFCom.

If true, does it surprise you? Really?

All by design kids…

Its Demise Was Greatly Exaggerated

So, what unspeakable evil would take it’s place, should this unspeakable evil go away?

The TSA? The FBI? Some weird, new DOJ entity that is even more violent, compromised, and corrupted to the core?

All, pretty simple stuff here. Watch the other hand. Not in tin foil hat territory here either. A shift in power, not an increase in your Liberty. Not in the slightest.