As we watch the Other Hand

You know, the same kind of stuff happened with the first Gulf War, only then we were dependent on the big three American propaganda agencies to tell us how swell it would be.

Three (see three) carrier battle groups to the Persian Gulf.

Rapid petro shock would doom the EU at this point. They will either come together as a unified entity, or fail and dissolve into what they were prior to the formation of the union. Either way, those are favorable conditions for mass conflict. History always has a tendency to come back and smack you in the mouth just when you think, “Oh hey, we got the right people this time. There won’t be genocidal war. Humanity has grown up now. See!”.

Uh huh. I buy that.

The winds just shifted

Read Karl’s latest.

But this much is certain: The world is changing, and our control over the actions of OPEC via Saudi Arabia is waning, if it hasn’t completely collapsed this morning.  And if the latter is the case the implications go far beyond the price of a barrel of oil, as Saudi Arabia is a brutally repressive nation that has utterly depended on the United States for much of its technology and political stability.

A storm is coming my friends…… and it’s a bad one.

Based on this information, what are you doing different? Everything, nothing?

Big macro shifts in the global landscape cannot be helped or even influenced at the local level – usually.

Our world is without a doubt based on petroleum. Everything from food production to the cheap plastic crap that is in Chinamart is chocked full of dead plants and dinos.

Keep the above in mind when you review your preps tonight.

I maintain my previous statements that making it into Christmas of 2011 without some major black swan or like tipping point will be an outright miracle.