Expand and they will come

Does the economy really (*really*) need more liquidity? Really?

The solution to a debt problem is – wait for it – more debt.

I told some pals earlier in my life that the $50k in consumer debt that had could be easily cleaned up with more debt.




Extend & Pretend

Read this post and subsequent discussion from Mr. Denninger.

There is no politician, right or left, who is currently in power who will even speak to any of this like an adult, much less act on it.

The party will continue. The band will play on. The Once Great Republic will go full speed ahead to whatever the Crisis is this go round.


so, let’s talk about this

From Zerohedge…

First, oh shit!

Second, not really a surprise.

Like the initial monetization of our debt by the FED almost three years ago, this will mark a waypoint on the path to our eventual collapse. And yes Mrs. Matson, it can happen here.

As such, all those Americans pushing China to revalue, may want to consider that such an action could well guarantee hyperinflation, once the Fed is stuck as being the only buyer of US debt.

Not sure that I am 100% on the bandwagon with the hyper-inflation crowd, but it is an interesting idea to say the least.

Dear readers, these kinds of things lead to war on a macro scale.