Some Updates

Some updates.

I’m traveling for my new day gig. Lots. Mrs. Matson is pissed and the brood misses having dad around every night. Opportunities sometimes cause situations like this to pop up. This too shall pass.

This also means I have the indelible displeasure of having to deal with the TSA on a twice weekly basis. Awesome. To top it off, most of said travel is to Detroit. Lovely – which is actually not that bad where I happen to be while there, though I have gear cached and a detailed E&E plan to head 180 if I need to.

On top of this I am involved in a few web/software type startups. I generally roll the dice on stuff like this to see what can come out of a little effort. Sometimes the payoff is high. Most times not.

Finally, I started a drone manufacturing company last week while out on the road. It will be based in GA unless something radical changes on that front. I will share details as that one progresses because I believe it has the most significance to what I talk about here. Like Kerodin’s citadel and arms company, this org will strive to build for the citizenry in support of liberty and freedom. Details soon with pics of the prototypes.


Home from Detroit

You know, it would be my luck that when I took the new gig and started traveling again, that it would be to freakin’ Detroit.


Going through the TSA checkpoint the other day on the way back home I was asked questions before proceeding to the testicle shrinking machine:

“Mr. Matson, where are you going?”

“Mr. Matson, who do you work for?”

“Mr. Matson, how long were you in Detroit?”

“Mr. Matson, when did you buy the tickets?”

Wasn’t just my lucky day. Everyone was being subjected to this nonsense.

You know, when I was 10 or so I went from West Germany to West Berlin via the commie bloc. This felt EXACTLY the same.


Curious if any of my remaining two readers know of this new and interesting detail?

Combat America: Our Time in the Excrement

Check out the video and then come back.

This made the Net meme rounds yesterday and I’m sure you have heard or seen it. I think I ran across an ARFCom thread and linked out for later viewing after a meeting or something.

The place described in the video by the EMT is here.

Any illusions that southwest Fulton county here in Atlanta metro, Birmingham proper, south Jackson Mississippi, or many parts of Dallas would be any different during a crisis?

I wonder how long it would take for that kind of stuff to migrate out to the pasty white ‘burbs? A week, a month, a year?

Remember kids, your neighbor, the one who is rallying for good old Mitt, might end up being OPFOR when his wife and kids get hungry, or when they have the chance to turn you in for some infraction to find favor in the eyes of dotgov.

It doesn’t take much for the tide to sharply turn in a rapid fashion, and while many places in the US will simply not give in to this kind of utter and complete societal excrement, many will.

Watch your six & keep your powder dry.

Remember, you are in the middle of the collapse. You’re watching it now. Prep while you can, and build your tribe.