Changing Tides, Shifting Winds

While it is enormously easy to sit here behind my myriad of keyboards and mobile devices railing against what is wrong and where we are headed, it is not very productive.

There is literally so much fodder and doom out there, the tragic comedy that is our daily lives and observations writes itself. It needs very little from me and my fellow brethren that I could sit here on any given day and pound out post after post of snark infested banality.

However, in the spirit of bringing something useful to the table, I resolve from here on out to at least attempt to contribute to the cause versus metering out the usual doom and gloom. That is of course not to say that I won’t comment or outright lambaste those in power when they do their usual idiocy and treachery, only I will resolve – that is try – and do contribute something meaningful.


I thought the same thing…

Was last week some kind of semi-wet run?

Merely a thought. Perhaps the tinfoil is on a little too tight this morning. It seems as though we are due for something though. The world as a whole feels like it’s on the edge of cliff and has seemed that way for a while now. The tipping point or event approaches. I get labeled a doomer for this all the time, but there is something that seems to be bubbling just under the surface waiting to take hold.

We have gone without for too long and the proverbial karma needs to catch up with us.

End of Western Civ

Not referring to the class you slept through in your undergrad studies.

Comments are enlightening. Hat tip to CA @ Western Rifle Shooters. Glad you are out there.

See part six of this series. Sorry, I cannot do a direct link with their kooky flash stuff (my emphatic vote for HTML5). Lots of good parallels in there that will help shape the conversation about the Gates of Vienna article. Please, take the time to listen to Andy after you read the above and following comments.

“Capitalism with a conscience…”

Defining our tribe now and helping them prepare will help lessen the doom. Though, it is brutally hard to see what is coming and know that at the core it could have been prevented and that you are powerless to stop it from happening.