A second time around

Or third, or fourth. The hits keep on coming, and though we know the hammer of God is about to smack us in the face, we do nothing about it.

This is the same (see same) crap that happened in 2008 prior to the crash. There is literally no difference – same shit, different company name.

Systemic corruption and treasonous complicity by Congress, The FED, and the Executive branch.

Denninger sends…


Collapse: Tipping Point

Not a series BTW. Sort of a theme.

Chris Martenson via Zerohedge:

What we have here is an ideal set of conditions for a tipping point to arise in our financial system. When such a tipping point occurs, you should expect wild volatility in the markets and be prepared for things to be moving far too quickly to react to with any sort of precision or grace.

That’s why it’s best to be pre-positioned in your financial, physical, and emotional preparations, so that when the next bout of extreme volatility exerts itself, little to no immediate action is needed on your part during the tumult.

Ride out the chaos in safety and confidence. Be a support to those less prepared within your family and community. And take advantage of the luxury few will have to plan your next steps carefully, once the corrective forces clear much of the current uncertainty out of the markets. Doing so will set you up better than most to prosper in the aftermath.

Rest assured, where we are today is not where we will be tomorrow. Likely by a wide margin given recent history.


Collapse: Full Credit Lockup

Denninger sends once more.

Timmy wouldn’t have lied to everyone to prop the markets, would he?  Oh yes he would, and yes, it appears he did.

Of course we’re hearing truth from the IMF, which in an interview I cited earlier today pointed out that we may be days or hours away from a full-on credit seizure, and Mervyn King who said similar things yesterday.

Fueling the fire of my earlier post.

Collapse: November Travel Canceled

One of the great things about being in a leadership position is that I get to control my own time. If you have ever worked in the tech industry (or almost any other American business sector) time is without a doubt your most precious commodity. That being said, I’m throwing this out there because after many exhaustive sessions online and conversations with friends, colleagues, as well as prayerful contemplation, I have decided to cancel any and all business travel I had planned until after the first of the year.

There are simply too many indicators for large scale trouble out there as of today.

Preparedness as a lifestyle and practice has gone way beyond the fringe and is now being openly discussed in the mainstream. Talking heads are getting more and more anxious, and dotgov seems to be shifting resources into various places around CONUS (based upon personal conversations – YMMV) in anticipation of impending events.

This is the first time in my almost 40 years that I have allowed myself to change something of this magnitude based upon chatter and intuition.

My plans for my immediate family and tribe are to fortify positions, and prepare to repel borders – meaning that we are shoring up mid to long terms preps like beans, bullets, boots & band-aids. We will be caching more supplies at several fall back positions and rally points in and out of our primary AO. Extended family is essentially being put on “ready alert” and being prepped for a go code. A proverbial loose circling of the wagons in anticipation of impending events.

With this of course comes the risk being wrong. Honestly, I probably am. This will likely lead to a future time when I sit back and ask, “Really? Really… What the hell was I thinking.” This will be shortly followed by Mrs. Matson hitting me squarely on the back of the head. She’s an athlete and it will hurt.

However, with the exception of putting off a few reviews, some quality time with a few of my engineers, and a couple of Vegas steaks, life will go on as it does day by day. Sure, we will spend an extra $100 at the grocery every week on prep items, but in the end, this gets used up and is a good investment. PT will likely get a bit more intense and so will the training. This should happen regardless, but the motivation (and pucker) factor are at an all time high.

For those of you who follow me (all three of you), let me stress that I have no concrete knowledge of impending doom. I merely have a fairly accurate ability to see complex systems and their inherent weaknesses. Right now, or at least, now +, looks to be a good indication for the culmination of variables into something prolific. A black swan to rival black swans if you will.

It is NOT time for panic. It is time to prepare. Remember, even in times of trouble, lots of things will still work as intended. Rules shift. Resources change, but life will go on. It may look radically different from what it does today, but that DOES NOT mean you cannot thrive.


Keep your wits about you and your powder dry.