Interdasting. May I subscribe to your newsletter sir?

Kerodin makes a very interesting point on the true machinations of the state with regard to the ‘arab spring’.

I contend the Arab Spring was a deliberate policy action undertaken by USG to be rid of established dictators in the region, allowing the Muslim Horde to step into power and control State assets, militaries, natural resources, et cetera.

The opening paragraph demonstrates the type of people that have been allowed power as a result…and Washington’s response to the taking of hostages and demands for more foreign aid reflect the disposition of our Masters.

Enemies of Liberty need Sparklies to keep your attention away from their true mischief.

Watch the Other Hand continues to be the meme for 2012.

Interdasting for sure.

Egyptian Prayer for Rain in China

I wanted to throw this one out here again in case you missed my tweet from earlier this morning.

BAsed upon the current trends and prevailing political winds, getting past this summer without some kind of major “event” will truly be a feat for western civ.

As always dear readers, keep your powder dry and watch your six.

Priced Right Out of the Market

Go check this out:

Here’s the quote you are looking for:

It wasn’t the financial crisis that undermined dysfunctional Arab states, but Asian prosperity. The Arab poor have been priced out of world markets. There is no solution to Egypt’s problems within the horizon of popular expectations. Whether the regime survives or a new one replaces it, the outcome will be a disaster of, well, biblical proportions.

Let’s talk about this. I see a few possible impacts to our Once Great Republic:

1. The same things happens here on a long enough timeline as the rest of the world rockets past us.

2. That “lost generation” of Arabs finds a way to arm up and goes after each other and western civ with a nuclear vengeance.

What is clear to me, at this moment, is we are entering into a completely new game – actually a new sport. Even the end goal has changed and what the future is trending to will look very little like the past.