This, right here. Go read this. Now!

AM knocks it out of the park, over the bloody hedgerow, and across the border:

But culture is not civilization.  Cultural norms can outlast a civilization by a long time.  The philosophy of “stoicism” has come down the path of time to define what we think of as “masculine.”  So even though our civilization may be crumbling around us (grab what you can to pad the fall now) our culture may live on in the next civilization.
I mean come on, if we look at Rome, Russia, even Britain, and we can see that we are going down the same time worn path.
1. Expensive foreign wars that have nothing to do with national security? Check.
2. Currency devaluing at a predictable rate? Check
3. Ever tighter restrictions on freedom in a desperate grasp to stop the slide that restricting freedom causes? Check
4. The breakup of the Empire causes the collapse of the military back to “home base?”  Check and double check.  Pax Romana ended, Pax Britainia ended, and Pax Americana is over.

The best possible future I see for my people, my “gun culture” people, is a self sufficient militia along the Swiss model (or Finnish if you prefer).  The worst possible future is that of Britain, or Russia.  The experiment in Democracy that began in 1917 with the death of the Republic is coming to the inevitable end.

That last sentence brings it home.

You and your tribe are it. End of story. Something wicked this way comes.

Empires and the Rockpile

Been reading this guy for a few years now. Sometimes good, sometimes the same stuff you would get out of the media outlets. Good insight here, at least anecdotal, about what’s going on over in the Rockpile. Echos of what I mentioned yesterday in my uninformed commentary of the ambush video, and further support that the empire is crumbling. Unarmed Marines. Wow. My grandfather is screaming from the great beyond.

Man in Black: You guessed wrong.
Vizzini: You only think I guessed wrong! That’s what’s so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia,” but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!” [He laughs hysterically, but suddenly freezes mid-laugh and dies; the Man in Black removes Buttercup’s blindfold]


Our Decadence, Our Darkness

I had intended to post something in response to Kerodin’s post here, but as usual, capitalist greed got in my way.

Having piles of things to do this afternoon, and not wanting to do them, I had a random, passing thought on a few events that have made me re-evaluate our current social climate.

  1. Just before Christmas, I had all three of my kids in the truck going to WalMart of all places. We were accosted by a 40-ish year old man in the parking lot over a left turn. While I’m not clear that this is my fault, I’m willing to admit that to quell a potential violent situation. This man disagreed with that tactic and I was forced to reveal my sidearm in what turned out to be a very diffusing and non-threatening manner. No cops, no marshals, no 45 degree blading. Merely an idiot who was having a bad day and essentially realized that his temper would cause him to lose his life should he continue on the path he was walking down. BTW, first and only time I have ever had my hand on my piece while holding a baby. Dude, seriously? A left turn gets you this upset? How have you lived this long?
  2. Traffic again (it is Atlanta). Two teenage girls in a $45,000 BMW convertible almost causing an accident. Mobile phones were involved. I merely stared and shook my head in bewilderment. This drew her ire, and I was told vociferously that I was indeed number one. I would be remiss not to point out that a sixteen year old in a vehicle that expensive did not in any way produce enough labor to compensate for the cost of that car. She was given this, and based upon the area, is likely to be the recipient of this level of decadence for all of her short sixteen years on the planet. She was also rather corpulent. I do not point this to laugh at her and speak ill. I point this out because it shows a lack of self respect and self loathing. At that age, kid should not look like that. They should be in their physical primes. I know there are exceptions, but given the other components of these circumstances, I would bet the Bachelor Chow consumption is a bit too high.

Takeaways from this could be a couple of things:

  1. I’m a very bad or aggressive driver, which is true, though live in Atlanta and you will turn into this as well.
  2. The state of societal degradation has increased.

Can you view an entire society through the lens of two random encounters? No. Definitely not. However, you can use them as a sample of what is out there and blog about like I’m doing.

For the first, I attribute it to how crazy Christmas has become. I truly do. From October to January I have gotten to the point of wanting to stay inside and cower.

For the second, I’m not sure.

If you think the FSA has a sense of entitlement, try hanging out with upper middle class Republicans. It is the ghetto, only the rims aren’t chrome, and the stay-at-home-moms have better drugs.

The larger point here though is not about violence or how bad teenagers in BMW’s suck. The larger point is how are we, as patriots, III%’ers, Constitutionalists, etc ever going to get anywhere when the most solidly conservative people in the country feel entitled to free healthcare, cheap prescription drugs to ingest, and low, low monthly payments on fin German touring saloons?

You think about that dear readers.

My neighbors are the most entitlement laden bastards I have ever encountered.

“Lower the overall debt of the county by using tax revenues to pay down the note? Hell no! We need more schools! Class sizes are too big and little Timmy here needs extra attention!”

“That script is how much? I’m not paying that! F’ing Obama, making my meds go up in cost.”

“30 round mag? Why do YOU need a 30 round mag? The cops are here to ‘protect & serve’.”

The above, I excrement you not, has been overheard at every tennis match, stupid social gathering, and drunken business lunch I have attended since 2008. Take that, add it to the issues down in the inner city, and other ghetto like aspects of American society, and what do you have?

A perfect storm.

We have as a nation, society, and culture reached a pinnacle and peak of decadence the likes of which the world has yet to see. The higher the climb, the more brutal the fall guys. Questions? Ask the Romans, or more to the point, those who were left after that empire smoldered.

On a long enough timeline: Decade Scale Economic Trends

Here is a good primer of where we are based on what I have to say below.

It is my theory that we, as a nation, are just now experiencing the decline that began in the mid 1960’s. This decline was subverted using currency manipulation, global military intervention, and various ‘extend & pretend’ tactics employed by the state and international banking interests.

Do not get me wrong here. I’m not putting on the tinfoil hat and saying there is a grand cabal of Rothsscarries & Ubersteins lurking in the shadows. Not at all. This is complex, long term, and very large scale maneuvers that shape the course of history.

Post World War II, America found itself in a unique and powerful position. With Europe and Asia in ruin, America possessed an industrial capacity that quickly came to dominate the world. This made her wealthy beyond anything that had come before her. This industrial might led to a litteral global domination of economic markets and political influence.

And, like all other massive centers of power and influence, an inevitable shift in that power began to unravel.

As time marched on, regional & global powers came into being. Not necessarily through military might, but through natural resources, manufacturing, trade, etc. America defended her economic interested by going to war. To quote someone, “It’s all about the cost of labor.” America used military power, like all empires before her to secure trade and markets by which to sell her goods and services, as well as, to protect sources of her raw materials to feed her industrial might.

When this eventual unrest came home in many different forms, her leaders sought an extension of this power.

Sources of cheaper labor were opened up, currencies were fundamentally changed, and a different market, as well as, world emerged.

Perceived prosperity through credit became the norm, and that decline was halted as her people prospered through decadence. Though they perceived themselves wealthy, they were not – they were merely in more and more debt.

As this is written, America is coming to the end of an almost 100 year cycle of prosperity. Boom and bust cycles.

I personally believe that this the last of those. An organized source of cheaper labor does not exist anywhere on this planet. That scheme of moving and shifting markets globally to find the next center of profit is over. Some new paradigm will take it’s place, and that will be the environment with which Americans (or whatever they will be called in the future) will have to operate in.

My thoughts. I welcome yours.

Learning to make terror your friend

I like this, a lot:

Americans, however, seem incapable of understanding that the natives don’t appreciate invaders any more than Americans would like an army of Muslim teenagers running around Texas, breaking down doors at midnight and generally shooting up the place while trying to uplift it with their own culture. Americans, foolishly, are living in the past and think the world still sees them as liberators, as they were in France almost 70 years ago. Is it possible, instead, that the US has turned into an aggressor abroad and a police state at home?

So far, with the exception of the events of 9/11, the US has had very little blowback for attacking foreign countries without even the courtesy of a declaration of war. However, as Washington antagonizes more groups around the world, the targets eventually will decide to take the war back to the US simply because it’s the intelligent way to fight. So in the years to come, the US is likely to see lots of terrorism in the “homeland” (a disturbing new term) itself. It will, perversely, have created exactly what it was trying to avoid.

Again, I’m not sure how else to say this, so I will, again, just throw it out there:

The lessons learned and technology deployed in the ‘war on terror’ will eventually be employed on the US population.

Don’t think for second that because you hear Lee Greenwood playing in your head that they (yes Suzie, they) won’t come for you. Your credit driven lifestyle, your corporate gig, your trendy suburban tract home, or your leased Merc won’t matter in the slightest.

What is coming is nasty, raw, and violent. You will be lucky if you live through it.

America is Broken

From John Robb.

The US is broken.  In the years after WW2 the US made tangible the American dream.  It did so through by connecting incomes to improvements in productivity.  Simply:  If you do more work per hour, your income should go up (see chart).

The result was a decentralization of economic decision making on a scale never seen before in the history of the world.

It was AMAZING.  Tens of millions of financially prosperous households making decisions on what they should buy and invest in.   Most of what America still is today was built during that period.

The violent colonial era comes to a close through WWI & WWII. International industrial production was defunct with America as the last one left standing. The era of the economic empire moved forward. Apparently, it was a relatively short one.