Global Moves: Iran and the CW2 Battlespace

This is spot on:

A war with Iran has three drivers:

  • It is building a nuclear weapon.  The Israeli security lobby is going nuts.
  • Iran is sitting on top of the world’s 2nd largest reserves of natural gas (behind Russia).  Given how important natural gas is to future global energy needs and the need to hedge Russia’s control over the global market, this can’t be allowed.
  • The US defense industry needs a new way to drive spending now that bin Laden is dead.  Iran is now at the top of the list (China/Cyberwarfare is next on the list).

With these drivers in place, all that is needed to is to remove barriers to a conflict.

Keep in mind kids, this kind of thing will drive up energy costs way beyond where they are today, and likely cause local retaliation from that special faction of the religion of peace. Not trying to toe the party line here, I’m just saying, if we go step on toes, not only is large scale, global systems disruption on the table, so are localized attacks on soft targets here in CONUS.

This will impact you. That impact will likely be unpleasant. Plan accordingly.